Sat, Jun 18, 2022 | 7:00 PM

The year is 1964. In this detailed, classic period movie, follow four high school seniors as they try to put together a rock and roll band and gain a little respect.

This hilarious musical comedy follows the boys as they deal with the high school bullies, a choral director who hates rock and roll and a principal who runs a very unusual school, to say the least.

Their plans slip into high gear when they engage the services of a down-on-his luck manager who devises shady schemes for the boys to make money to buy new instruments and gear.

Combining a nostalgic look at a by-gone era, with great music and laughter, The Dangerfields is a fun filled, lighthearted event all ages can enjoy.


The Dangerfields was filmed and cast in Connecticut utilizing local talent and local scenery to tell this coming-of-age story.


All proceeds to benefit Wounded Warriors.