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Dominion Energy Schooltime Series  at The Garde Arts Center in New LondonDominion Energy’s support of the Garde Arts Schooltime Performance Series has allowed schools to receive aid that goes towards the cost of participating and bringing children to take part in the theatre and arts.

Download Arrival & Departure Procedures

On the Day of Your Trip

Please take the time to review this information before your trip to The Garde Arts Center.

elow are arrival and departure procedures along with a form to be completed the day of your trip prior to arriving to the theater, please wait to be greeted by a Garde Staff member before departing your bus.

If you are arriving by car: On street parking in downtown New London is very limited and we strongly encourage carpooling when possible. There is no public or theater patron parking allowed at the New London Library, Holiday Inn and Tony D’s/ Fiddleheads parking lot. We recommend that you park on street, please note 2 hour time limit. Please do not park in the areas designated for school bus pick up and drop off. These areas are marked with temporary ‘EMERGENCY NO PARKING TOW ZONE’ signs.

Arrival & Departure Procedures


1. Please arrive NO LATER than (thirty) 30 minutes prior to curtain time.

2. Late arrivals will be seated at the discretion of the house management.

3. Please have the bus drive up State Street so that students are only exiting the bus on the theater side of the street.

4. Please do not have students exit the bus until a Garde Staff member greets your bus.

5. Further seating instructions as well as departure instructions will be given upon entering the lobby.

6. Garde ushers will take your group to your assigned seats.

7. EVERY SEAT MUST BE OCCUPIED! Please do not leave any empty seats; no coats, purses or other belongings may occupy seats.

8. Please assist the ushers by making sure that the students are QUIET to enable everyone to hear and follow instructions.


1. Please do NOT dismiss your class before receiving instructions. You will be given departure instructions at the end of the performance, please listen carefully to the announcement for instructions on when and where you class will be dismissed to your buses. They vary with each performance, so it is important that the directions specific to each show are followed for safety reasons.

2. Please assist the ushers by making sure that the students are QUIET to enable everyone to hear and follow instructions.

3. You will exit the theatre at different locations depending on your seating location with each show, and you will then proceed to the buses.

Download Theatre Etiquette Guide PDF

Theater Etiquette Begins Before You Arrive

Do you understand and realize how important it is for an audience to know and practice these rules?

Remember, a live theater performance can be very exciting. All of the people involved in the production, both cast and crew, work very hard to be sure they give a great performance. It is the job of the audience members to help the performers give their best performance possible. The audience can do this by practicing the rules of theater etiquette.

  • Arrive to the theater on time.
  • Visit the restroom before the performance begins.
  • Turn off your cell phone or, if it must be on, put it on vibrate. Do not speak on the phone during the performance. If you must call the person back, do it outside during intermission or after the show has finished.
  • Pay attention to announcements that are made prior to many shows about the rules of the theater you are attending and the location of the fire exits.
  • Don’t speak during the performance…whispering is still speaking, so only in an emergency.
  • Remember that the Overture (introductory music) in Musical Theater is part of the performance, so be quiet when it begins.
  • Do not take pictures during the performance. It can be very distracting to the actors and can cause a mishap.
  • Remain in your seat for the entire performance. If you must leave, exit during intermission. In an emergency, wait for an appropriate break in the show. It is rude to get up in the middle of a quiet moment…rude to the actors and your fellow audience members.
  • Do not eat or drink in the theater. If you must have a cough drop, or something of that nature, do not make noise with the wrapper.
  • Do not put your feet up on the seats or balcony and do not kick the seat in front of you.
  • Do not angle your head together with your “special someone” as you obstruct the view of the people behind you.
  • Don’t put or throw anything on the stage.
  • Do laugh when the performance is funny.
  • Do applaud when it is appropriate during the performance.
  • Do applaud when the performance is over…this tells the performers and crew that you appreciate their work.
  • Stand and applaud if you really thought the show was great.
  • Do not whistle or scream out to the performers except for a Bravo or Brava.

Just as rehearsal is important to the success of a show so is the “practice” of good manners at the theater. Make each and every show you attend the best it can be, by doing your best to be a great audience member. Start with the next show you see, and spread the word to your family and friends.