Built as a “Community House” by Connecticut Power in 1920 – and the first commercial building on the historic Williams estate – this two-story 1,900 square-feet colonial stone cottage on the doorstep of the Garde theater entrance features a beautifully appointed interior, a floor-to-ceiling gas-fired fireplace, seven rooms, central air and parking for seven. Current tenants include Writers Block InkInquiries for lease or rent, contact info@gardearts.org

The three-story Mercer Building, with an interior corridor that connects its upper floors to the 4-story Garde office building, houses the Garde administration at 309 State Street (second floor), the “Garde Gallery” at 305 State Street at the corner of  Meridian Street,  and the New London office of Garde architects Silver Petrucelli at 311 State Street. There is substantial upper-floor and ground-floor space that could be made available for long-term development for residential, cultural, food service,  or allied commercial uses. For inquiries please contact info@gardearts.org

The one-story Meridian Building has two or three 900 square-foot storefronts available for retail, office and cultural complementary uses. Inquiries for lease or rent, contact info@garedarts.org