One World Project


On display from March 8 through March 31, 2024


Lobby exhibit available for viewing Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 5pm,
and for the two hours preceding performances and film screenings.


The new One World Project at Mystic Museum of Art (MMoA) is an annual outreach program to enrich school curriculum with the study of art and cultures from around the world. The project is designed to engage students in finding creative new pathways to community with individuals from widely diverse backgrounds. The theme for this inaugural year was architecture.

Starting in the KTJ Studios in September 2023, 18 students from New London High School Multi-Magnet Campus looked at 35 buildings representing many eras, all continents, and differing architectural styles. With MMoA art educator Jeff Crew, they discussed how each building reflects a society’s culture, environment, and history.

Each student then selected one building to study in detail through architectural drawings, plans, and elevations. They experimented with different materials and techniques to create a 3D scale model. In doing so, they embarked on their own creative pathways and joined a creative, global conversation about what matters, and how it can be expressed.



Parthenon—Athens, Greece                                  Alyana Sanderson

Colosseum—Rome, Italy                                        Derren Bencosme

Pantheon—Rome, Italy                                           Shayim Todman

Il Duomo—Florence, Italy                                       Angie Valverde Solano

Sultan Ahmed Mosque—Istanbul, Turkey            Alexander Churis

Dresden Frauenkirche—Dresden, Germany       Nix Barreau

Fallingwater—Mill Run, PA                                     Ciara Vasquez

São Paulo Museum of Art—São Paulo, Brazil    Acisette Gonzalez

Guggenheim Museum—NY,NY                             Malahika Paolo & Annelise Bryan

Space Needle—Seattle, WA                                  Lilly Cabrera

Cathedral of Brasilia—Brasilia, Brazil                   JaxonWhite

Transamerica Building—San Francisco, CA       Jonathan Silva

Hotel du Lac—Tunis, Tunisia                                 Sian Crespo

Sydney Opera House—Sydney, Australia           Trevin Robledo-Thompson

The One World exhibition on display in MMoA’s historic Davis Gallery

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