Sun, March 21, 2021 | 7 pm

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One of the most exciting and joyfully entertaining acts on touring and festival circuit across the planet. It’s a reputation based on their irrepressible mix of Country, Tex-Mex, Rockabilly and Latino sounds plus a riotously entertaining, world-renowned live show.

Led by singer, guitarist, key songwriter and founding Mavericks member Raul Malo and co-founder/percussionist Paul Deakin, the Mavericks began in Miami as a country band, mixing Hank Williams with Johnny Cash or Patsy Cline.  But, as time went by, other influences ranged from Cuban influenced music all the way to Frank Sinatra.  And when they played live it wasn’t to Country/Western audiences but to the punk and alternative crowds with acts like Marilyn Manson. Anything went. “We found that our recipe for success was the same thing that sustained us musically: mix it up,” says Paul. “Try things. And we found that nobody sounded like us.”

The Mavericks’ rise in the 90s was meteoric. Within a year of forming in 1989 they had signed to MCA Nashville and in 1992 they released their major label debut ‘From Hell To Paradise’.  Not long after the release of their 2003 album ‘The Mavericks’ the band split.  For Raul, The Mavericks’ hiatus years became “a kind of musical quest… I threw myself into the lion’s den.”  But playing with other people gave him insight on why he does what he does.

There were rumors that the band would get back together and though they weren’t true, he kept them at the back of his mind as a kind of, “What If?”  Then the offers of touring deals became more concrete, and he realized that the songs he was writing while he was with other bands had more and more of a Mavericks vibe. “It made me think, damn, is this the time?”  When his friend and fellow singer-songwriter Seth Walker asked him to help finish a song of his, the signs became unmistakable. “I was like you’re shitting me,” Raul laughs. “The Mavericks are going to get back together with a song called ‘Back In Your Arms Again’?

The band are now four albums into their second phase and thoroughly enjoying the new world of the music business, where it’s all about the live performance – an arena where The Mavericks always excelled, “Musically it’s way more interesting now and I love that the fans will go with us wherever we’re going,” says Raul.  Their shows mix the best of the past with new material and it turns out that the fans love the latter as much as, if not more than the former.  They’ve long transcended the country bracket and now play eclectic festivals with artists from across the board.