Fri, Apr 14, 2023 | 8:00 pm


The Spring Fling Showcase Lineup
  • Don Bowen as Master of Ceremony
  • Drag performers
  • Comedian: Linda Belt

Linda Belt is a New Jersey native (a comedy routine in itself). She moved to CT in 1987 where she became a suburban pillar of the community attending PTO meetings and baseball games. Linda became very tired holding up that pillar and instead holds her own as a professional stand up comic. Her humor touches on the absurdities of modern life and explores marriage, sex, parenting and social mores, in other words: any subject she feels like discussing!

Lunar A Cappella is comprised of eight performers from the Danbury, CT area. Under their previous name of Martini Glass A Cappella, they have competed all over New England and the Tri-State area, taking home several awards, including Best Soloist, Best Choreography and Audience Favorite. Now, they are back with a new name, a fresh sound, and more of the musical storytelling these twenty and thirty-somethings are known for. With a little something for everyone in their repertoire, they will be sure to put a spell on you.

Hitting grooves and making moves since 2016, Tales of Joy has been cooking up the finest reggae-soul and dance music creating an infectious vibe and an eclectic and an eccentric following. Smashing all pre-conceived notions of what a reggae band should look and sound like, Tales of Joy stands out as a truly one of a kind act, seamlessly blending reggae roots with hints of soul, disco, funk and latin into their unique and signature sound. Although based in New England, Tales of Joy has quickly and successfully spread their vibe and their name across the country, sending it straight into the hearts and souls of feel good music lovers around the nation.

The Ricky Martin Memorial Fund has been established to celebrate Ricky’s life, and to serve as his legacy, by bringing recognition and support to agencies that serve the marginalized, youth, and at-risk populations of Greater New London and its environs. Ricky surmounted many challenges in his life, and those challenges only cemented his dedication to these agencies, his friends, and his family. And really, Ricky was the kind of person to whom everyone was a friend or family. Whether it was baking his famous cakes and cupcakes through “Love Bites”, being a strong shoulder, or giving his time and energy, Ricky was there for anyone. Through this fund, he will continue to be “there”. He believed in giving, not just giving back.

Agencies and events that Ricky supported, and this fund will continue to support, include:

  • “Celebration of Hope” for the Alliance for Living
  • “Eat, Drink and Be Married” for Love Makes a Family
  • Sullivan’s Toy Run
  • Local Food Banks-United Way and others
  • Local Cancer awareness organizations.