It’s lonely without you here. Your face reassures us.

You will fill our hearts by filling our seats in the theater and lobbies with an 18” x 30” Cut-Out Photo of… You!… Or your Children, Grandchildren, or even Pets!

A Garde Fan Cutout helps us take care of your theater so we can reopen soon.

All those who purchase cut-outs will get photo updates of our growing “cut-out audience” and invitations to stop in to have their picture taken in the theater with their cutouts.

18” x 30” Fan Cutouts
$150.00 for 1 photo (each $150 item is for 1 one-person cut-out)
$250.00 for 2 photos (each $250 item is for 2 individual one-person cut-outs)

Click Here to Purchase FACES OF THE GARDE Fan Cut-Outs

To ensure that your life-size custom cardboard cutouts print clearly, please follow the steps below:

• Each $150 item is for 1 one-person cut-out. Each $250 item is for 2 individual one-person cut-outs.
• Using your smartphone or camera take a picture waist up of one person per photo.
• Avoid zooming in since it will decrease the resolution and cause the image to be blurry.
• Get close to the person so they fill up as much of the picture as possible.
• Take the picture in good lighting – if the photo is dim, the image will look fuzzy or dark.
• Send your favorite photo to jsigel@gardearts.org
• You will receive a notification once the cutout is created and placed
•Contact Jeanne Sigel at jsigel@gardearts.org,  860-961-4106