Saturday, Nov. 30 | 7:00pm

Connecticut Lyric Opera and the Connecticut Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra  present the operatic production of Wagner’s “Tristan und Isolde”.

The opera is based on the medieval tale of the same title by Gottfried von Strassburg, a legend of forbidden love, a romantic tradition of the times (exemplified among others by the French court of Marie de Champagne).

But the opera goes further to challenge our emotions and preconceptions. The “forbidden” love of Tristan and Isolde holds an extraordinary depth of truth. Today it seems even more moving and perhaps more relevant. The forbidden love leads to Liebestod (German for “love death”), the ultimate sacrifice for the truth.  The old romantic story serves as a reminder that high ideals sometimes lead us to sacrifice everything.

Wagner’s masterpiece commended accolades from many of his contemporaries. Indeed, Puccini declared, ‘Enough of this music! We’re only mandolinists, amateurs: woe to him who gets caught by it! This tremendous music destroys one and renders one incapable of composing any more!’ The great conductor Bruno Walter, then a boy, hearing it for the first time, declared, ‘Never before had my soul been so deluged with floods of sound and passion, never had my heart been consumed by such yearning and sublime bliss, never had I been transported from reality by such heavenly glory.’